False Advertising

Our consumer protection lawyers at Corwin Law represent consumers injured by deceptive marketing practices in false advertising consumer lawsuits. False or misleading advertisements can induce customers to pay higher prices for products or to buy things they do not really want. Companies that use untruthful or confusing ads can be liable to customers for losses caused by their reliance on the ads under state and federal law. Companies employ a number of techniques in false or misleading advertising schemes. These may include:

  • bait-and-switch ads
  • false or misleading labels
  • advertising that fails to disclose material information
  • advertising that falsely portrays a product as superior to that of another company
  • ads that confuse consumers regarding the identity of a product, seller, or manufacturer
  • advertisements that misrepresent or provide confusing information about a product’s cost
  • ads that fail to disclose extra costs associated with a product’s purchase or that reveal such costs in a confusing way

(False advertising can also cause businesses to sustain unfair losses. For information about lawsuits involving business losses from false or misleading ads, see False Advertising Lanham Act Lawsuits.)

False / Misleading Advertising Consumer Class Actions
False advertising is a form of consumer fraud prohibited by state and federal consumer protection laws. False advertising consumer lawsuits are generally brought as class actions by large numbers of consumers deceived by a defendant company or companies. Class actions enable consumers whose personal losses would not justify an individual suit to join with others victimized by the same manipulative and illegal tactics. These lawsuits penalize companies for their illegal practices and help to deter them from engaging in similar behavior in the future. Courts may hold companies liable for customer losses resulting from any untruthful or misleading claim about a product or its price. Illegal false and misleading ads may appear in:

  • newspapers, magazines, emails, online advertisements, and other written materials or media
  • television and radio ads
  • billboards
  • product labels and packaging

(For additional information regarding lawsuits involving consumer fraud and deceptive labeling, see Consumer Fraud Class Actions and False / Misleading Label Lawsuits.)

Relief in False Advertising Consumer Lawsuits
Courts may award monetary damages to plaintiffs in successful false advertising class actions as financial compensation for actual losses incurred. Courts may also order defendants to:

  • refrain from any additional false or misleading advertising, and / or
  • publish advertisements or notices that correct misleading or false information in prior ads

Contact a Consumer Protection Lawyer
Consumers have a right to rely on truthful and fair advertising to make their purchasing decisions. If you were the victim of a false or misleading advertising scheme, contact us to inquire about starting or joining a false advertising consumer lawsuit. We will evaluate your case without charge.