Consumer Class Action

Corwin Law’s consumer protection lawyers represent customers victimized by unfair and deceptive business practices in Florida. With a nationwide practice, the firm fights to protect consumers’ rights through national class action litigation against exploitive corporations as well as mass arbitrations.

Consumer Protection Class Actions


Every day, consumers are cheated by purchases of products that are defective, unfairly priced, deceptively advertised, or falsely labeled. Consumer class actions are an essential weapon against these practices. In most cases, a single consumer sustains minimal damages from paying more for a product than it is worth and has little or no motivation to sue. The business reaps the benefits of an unfairly priced sale and has every reason to continue its unscrupulous practices in the future.

A consumer class action allows a large number of people to combine as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the offending corporation. The same company that avoids paying financial damages for cheating one person out of $100 may now be liable for the same amount of damages to each of 10,000 or even a million consumers.

Cases handled by Corwin Law include actions related to:

  • Consumer Fraud
  • False / Misleading Advertising
  • Breach of Warranty / Defective Products
  • False / Misleading Labels
  • Predatory Lending
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • Energy Services Company (ESCO) Fraud
  • Credit Card Info THeft / Cyber Security Data Breaches

Consumer Fraud Class Actions
Consumer fraud occurs in the full range of industries, from pet food to major equipment and machinery. Consumer fraud class actions allow consumers to take on the largest and most powerful corporations and obtain compensation for losses caused by companies’ deceit.

False Advertising Consumer Lawsuits
False or deceptive advertising can cause consumers to pay more for products than the products are worth and to purchase products they do not want. State and federal false advertising laws provide remedies to consumers who sustain financial damages due to inaccurate or misleading advertising.

Breach of Warranty Lawsuits
State and federal breach of warranty laws enable consumers to collect damages for financial losses caused by their purchase of certain types of unfit or defective products. Consumers often bring these suits as consumer class actions.

Misleading Label Lawsuits
False or misleading labeling can induce consumers to buy products they do not really want. Food labels, in particular, are important to consumers’ safe and healthful food choices. Consumer protection laws enable consumers to recover financial losses caused by false labeling through consumer class actions.

Predatory Lending Lawsuits
Federal laws prohibit certain predatory lending practices. Predatory lending often involves fraud, pressure tactics, or manipulation and may include discrimination against certain groups of consumers, excessive charges, and abusive and unfair loan terms.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Lawsuits
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits most automatically dialed or prerecorded phone calls and text messages to un-consenting consumers. Under the TCPA, consumers may be entitled to recover damages for each TCPA violation.

Energy Service Company (ESCO) Class Actions
Energy service companies (ESCO) in states that have deregulated the electricity supply industry are allegedly obtaining customers through false marketing claims. The cost of electricity to defrauded customers has increased rather than decreased as promised by the service companies. Customers in these states are filing class action lawsuits against the ESCO, seeking damages for excessive payments resulting from ESCO fraud.

Cyber Security Data Breach Lawsuits
Acquisition of personal credit card information by corporate hackers can cause serious financial damage to consumers. Businesses that fail to take reasonable care to secure their customers’ credit card data can be liable for damages sustained by customers as a result of a data breach.

Hidden Fees and Charges
There’s no doubt that we are officially living in a fee economy. We are constantly getting screwed by hidden fees and nontransparent charges. A recent study revealed that 85% of consumers have had at least one hidden fee in just the last two years.

If you have been the victim of fraud or wrongdoing by a business, corporation, or organization, you are not powerless. If you have been a victim, please contact the experienced consumer fraud lawyers at Corwin Law.